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Re: How to Make a Pet Bed from Recycled Sweaters

I am still loving your idea with the t-shirt rugs and now this bed for our fur babies. These are two projects I am definitely tackling this fall/winter. I have been collecting t-shirts for my rug project. It has taken a little longer since I didn't want to use alot of white which are much easier to find that bright colorful shirts. But I have enough to at least get a good start.
You answered a question for me a while back about starting a rug to make it round. I'm still not sure I understand how to do it but with your instructions I think it will be self-explanatory once I get started. However I am wondering about the other shapes like oval, octagon, etc. How do you make those shapes?
I left a comment on the t-shirt article too and now here asking for comments on this and any other ideas for area rugs. I live in a rental with hideous carpet and they are not willing to replace it so I am desperate for ideas on area rugs. Or I would love to rip the carpet out of the whole place and literally paint the cement or something. It would be a million times better than what I have now. I have seen some done that are gorgeous.
Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Re: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts

Beautiful...I would love to make a few of these to use in my home since area rugs are getting so expensive. And these are perfect!
But how do you determine the shape of the rug? The round ones are fairly self-explanatory but some of the other unique shapes like the octagon, oval, etc. I have no idea how to make those shapes, please help!
Thanks in advance for any information on this great project and any other "rug" ideas are welcome too. I am in an apartment and they carpet is probably older than I am. They refuse to replace it and I am not going to invest that kind of money in a rental but I definitely need some ideas for inexpensive area rugs.

Re: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts

Can you please explain to me exactly how to get the rug you make a long line of single stitch or what? I guess I'm not sure how to make it start going in a circle.
Thanks for the help!