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Re: Crafting in the Current Economy

I'm much older than you girls I learned how to knit from my own grandmother during ww2. I remember how it felt good to be doing something when so much was happening far away. I can also remember begging my mother to buy me certain things at the store way back. Today, I can't remember what those things were, but I do remember everything that I made with my grandmother during those years. It's good to see you all of this on the internet. I think it's very good for us to do.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: The Second Circle of Craft Hell

Wow, Michaela. We are impressed. When we met you we had no idea that you write so much for this site. You are so talented, this article is very good. You know, you kind of look like Jackie. Very stylish.

Re: Knit One for the Hometeam! Seattle Mariner's Stitch N' Pitch 2008

Hi Michaela,
We met you last night at the game and thought that you were very charming. I was the one knitting that blanket. Thanks for telling us about your site, it is wonderful and we loved seeing your post about last night's game! Although, you never said that you were a Red Sox fan! Also, tell Greg that my husband says he is nuts not to make you a scarf! He just said, that he is really getting off very easy! We will be in touch and thanks again, it was lovely to meet you.
Best, Vivienne