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Xyron develops, manufactures and sells innovative products for the craft, education and creative professional markets. Our unique products are designed to enhance and protect photographs, posters/signs and hand-made creations. Xyron's patented products are based on a proprietary set of innovative film, adhesive and coating technologies. Since 1997, Xyron has lead the industry in developing technologies that simplify processes, such as lamination and making stickers, signs, and magnets. Our products streamline the creative process, making it simple and fun.

Xyron’s strategy is to develop products that assist end users with every step of the creative process, from inspiration to presentation. Xyron is your go-to destination for inspiration and tools, offering a complete array of high-quality products that appeal to the creative professional, crafter, teacher and mom. With Xyron, expressing your creativity has never been easier.

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Make a Greeting Card with a Doily - sponsored by Xyron, Inc.

Watch this video to learn how to embellish any greeting card with a paper dolily. Creating becomes easy and fun with Xyron machines.

"Spring has Sprung" Card in a Box

A fun card to get your family and friends in the mood for spring after such a long winter sponsored by Xyron, Inc.