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Re: Book Giveaway: "Sew What You Love"

Hmmmm, now that I'm about the 500th person leaving a post, it looks like there's a LOT of interest. I'm Sewwwwwww Loving the bag on the cover. Wish me luck.

Re: Make a Modern yet Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Hey Texasphan,
Where did you get the idea that this was your personal podium from which to launch a rant about everything under the sun? Newsflash: it's a craft site.

Don't kid yourself. Your comments are not constructive in the least, and I'm sure you know that. What they are is hurtful, petty, arrogant, and so unhelpful. People display their creative pursuits here for others to enjoy. If something doesn't fall within your own personal design standards, keep it to yourself and move on. It's just your opinion, and nothing more. By the way, ever heard of the art of TACT? Check it out.

Kayte, thanks for sharing this with us.