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Re: Giveaway: Teach Yourself to Sew magazine and DVD

I am a homeschooling mom of 4 children, and love to sew, although I don't get much time to do it. My kids have asked to learn and although I have taught them a few things, this would be a great tool in my teaching endeavors. I have also thought many time of starting a class with my homeschool group so that I can pass on the joy of sewing to the next generation. Lastly, I would love a reference for myself for those days, I just don't remember the basics.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Re: Portrait in Paper: It's Not What You Think!

Yes, your work is amazing, but more than that I find your articles more inspiring. You have some insight. I enjoy reading your articles because there is always a jewel of encouragement that is usually exactly what I need to hear.