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I read the pattern, easy!  I can do this!  sat down to make it and didn't remember what size hook Linda recommended.  I had an 'H' next to me from my last project...  Well, my...

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Re: Book Giveaway: Crochet Adorned

This book seems to have a little bit of everything! Count me in!

Re: Love will tear us apart greeting card

It's my compliment and I'm sticking to it! I like the mossy, subtle effect of your "grey"!

Re: Love will tear us apart greeting card

I like the touch of green! Very unusual - not the usual black and spot of red.

Re: How to Make Mollie Flowers

Linda! Stop! I haven't finished some of the other things I've started, I haven't started some of the things I wantto try and NOW THIS! Too Cute. Thanks for sharing! coasters, hotpads, placemats, trivets... baubles and bracelets... off to craft!

Re: My Work Thus Far

Love the bright colors and the wavy stripe! Please share your pattern if you can...

Re: Ningswonderworld

beautiful work! I especially like the stoneware jar.

Re: Make a Recycled Clothespin Bag

Call it Karma, Fate, Kismet... I was outside earlier today, grumbling as I reached for, looked for and dropped clothespins up and down the length of my line thinking: I really need to make a clothespin bag...

Great timing! thanks

Re: Book Giveaway: Backcountry Betty Crafting with Style

have some camping trips planned for summer - need the book for the ultimate summer camping!

Re: Candy Wrapper Doll Dresses, and Purse

WOW! I love these! I have always adored the little girl on the Mary Jane's wrapper and to have made a similar dress from wrappers is sooooo sweet!

Re: what to do with leftover yarn?

no kids here so I add a squeaky to the stuffing in the belly and my three dogs are the squeakin'est dogs on the block! Added bonus: the homemade toys last a LOT longer than the spendy store bought ones!

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

Chasing cobwebs! I was taping Swiffer dusters onto my sweeper or tucking them into the bristles on my broom to reach the cobwebs in the corners above the stairs - great idea! Since it wasn't for floors, I made mine a bit looser with a bigger hook and fewer beginning stitches.