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Printable holiday gift tags - Santa's Stash

I got a hold of Santa's personal gift tags and I'm sharing them with you!

How to make a custom size ironing board

Find step by step instructions on how to build your own ironing board - great for your work space!  Visit alamode Stuff Blog for more details. Are you stuck on a project or have a question about...

How to make a draft guard for your door

Easy project using old blue jeans.  Make a draft guard to keep out the cold.

How to make a paper gift bag

Here is a simple way to make a decorative gift bag.  You can use any kind of paper:  newspaper, wrapping, craft, decorative, etc.  This is a great project to do with kids.

Make your own faux t-bone steak head piece - Lady Gaga Halloween costume

Since I wasn't about to wear a real piece of meat on my head, I decided to make a faux meat fascinator.  This cost me all of 90 cents for the three pieces of felt and was extremely easy to...

Ask Candy - a new feature on my blog that will answer some of your crafty questions

I have a new bi-weekly post on my blog called Ask Candy.  THis week, Candy talks about presser feet.  I sew almost every day and I'm unfamiliar with her free montion quilting...

You, too, can make a TUTU! by alamode Stuff

This is an easy, no sew, diy tutu that can be made for a little or big girl, dog, or costume.   You'll need:   5 yards of tulle roll of 1 1/2" wide ribbon scissors tape measure

DIY holiday/everday paper banner

Depending on your printer, you can run old music or book pages through to print your own letters and designs.  After you've printed your flags, simply cut them out, punch holes at the top and...

DIY Brains in a Bowl

Here is a fun DIY project for the whole family - Bowl of Brains. This is such an easy prop to make. Here's what you need:cauliflowertoothpickslarge glass bowlred food coloring (gel works bestClean...

How to make a drawstring halter top or dress

Make your own drawstring halter top from old t-shirts or jersy knit fabric.  This project requires minimal sewing skills and can be done in minutes! 

How to Make a Recycled Magazine Flower

Learn a great way to recycle old magazines into something beautiful in this video tutorial.

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Re: How to Embroider a Basic T-shirt Dress

Wow. Embroidering is one art I've not tried. This is lovely! I'm going to have to give it a try!