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From Vintage Tablecloth to Spring Jacket!

A vintage (1940's ?) tablecloth is transformed into my new spring jacket!  I love finding creative uses for vintage textiles and this is a great example. I restyled a Vogue pattern to make the...

From Vintage Tablecloth to Spring Jacket!

Here's my latest project...something for me!  I have a collection of vintage tablecloths which I've gathered mainly to create tops and jackets with them.   It's a fun project---a bit...

Versatile Vintage Barkcloth Scarf

These versatile scarves have a loop on 1 side to make it easy to wear them in different ways---and no big knot under your chin! The fabrics are vintage barkcloth from the 1940's-1950's in colors that...

Mother/Daughter Aprons with Vintage Trim

This is a matching set of Mother/Daughter aprons.  They both feature darling crocheted lace trim from a set of vintage pillow cases. 

Incorporating Vintage Barkcloth in Wearables and Accessories

There are so many ways to use vintage fabrics!  One of my favorite fabrics is barkcloth from the 1930's - 1950's.  The designs are wonderful and many of the colors  are not...

Vintage Barkcloth Chenille Christmas Stocking OOAK Handmade

Decorate for an old fashioned Christmas with this stocking fashioned from authentic vintage barkcloth!This barkcloth features a Grandma Moses scene of kids sledding, ice skating, and a big red barn...

Vintage Mix Jacket

These Vintage Mix Jackets are so unique and fun.  Each is created individually upon receipt of order. 

My Little Ruffled Bags

These little ruffled bags are my favorites!  I make them in many different sizes and all types of fabrics---from Chinese brocade to vintage barkcloth.  They're quite unique and what I love...

Patchwork Handmade Jacket

I wear jackets a lot and find them to be a great way to have fun with sewing techniques!  I design my own patterns, then combine piecing and sewing techniques for one-of-a-kind pizazz!

Upcycled Boutique Style Vintage Inspired Children's Clothing

I've been combining upcycled childrens clothing with vintage linens and barkcloth.  I hope they sell!

Embroidered Linen Purse

Purse created from vintage embroidered linens and cotton fabrics, vintage buttons

Upcycled Denim Apron

Apron made from Levi's and cotton left-overs

Vintage Barkcloth Purse

Purse made from vintage barkcloth curtain

Amy's Sew Creative

Love to sew, love to restyle.  Real vintage barkcloth is one of my favorite things and I'm working on new ways to incorporate it in clothing and handbags.

Amy Designs Art Quilts

A landscape done in fabric, threads and paint.  50th birthday gift for my cousin in Phoenix.  Found the photo inspiration on Google Earth.

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Re: How to Make a Fabric Postcard Party Invitation

What a fun idea! I just realized this would be PERFECT to use as a "freebie" when promoting my new online studio or at summer outdoor markets! I'll also feature this idea in my blog, which is tutorials for creative uses of fabric and thread.