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New Craft Book: All Things Paper

Do you love to make things with paper? So do I! In fact, I blog about paper art and paper crafts at and it's the reason I gathered a group of paper artisans to create brand new...

Clear Glass Paperweights Giveaway

I've long been an admirer of beautiful glass paperweights. When I came across a bevelled type that would allow me to use them as little display cases for my quilling and cross stitch projects I was...

Fabulous Flowers

I'm a longtime fan of Klutz books for kids... the projects are appealing, directions are clear, and the supplies, always top notch. A new title, Fabulous Flowers - Create Pretty Paper Blossoms...

Stylized Daisy

A quilled card to make for Mother's Day, wedding, birthday... it would work for so many occasions.

Faber-Castell Art Supplies Review and Giveaway

Today kicks off a giveaway on my blog, All Things Paper, for two sets of art supplies ($25 value) to two lucky winners. Each person will receive Faber-Castell's Design Memory Craft products: MIX...

Brand New Quilling Book Giveaway

If you've been thinking of making some really special Christmas cards this year, I have an idea for you! Paper craft expert, Elizabeth Moad, has just released her newest book, Christmas Quilling...

Quilled Place Card and Favor Box

I love the way quilling adds a bit of something extra to an already special occasion, such as a wedding. Recently I wrote a tutorial for The Inspired Bride featuring this place card and favor box...

Paper Sculpture Initial Pendant

I rolled and shaped quilling paper to make this necklace pendant. The silver shadowbox frame gives it a secure background. You can read more about the project on my blog, All Things...

Photo Locket

This is a double-sided, clear glass locket pendant. I took a picture of balloon flower blossoms, resized the photo to fit the frame, printed it out, and voila, a new necklace with bragging rights...

Rolled Paper on Beveled Glass Pendant

I added a Japanese rolled paper (quilled) motif to a magnifying glass. There's more information about it on my blog, All Things...

Rolled Paper Pendant

This is a blossom necklace pendant I made from strips of quilling paper and a recessed, silver square. You can read more about it on my blog, All Things Paper, and make one yourself using the...

Origami Fashion Card & Book Giveaway

Usually all thumbs at origami, this brand-new book in the Klutz series proved I can do it! Three cute fashions, made on my very first try, decorate a handmade birthday card. Leave a comment on my...

Quilled Heart Pendant

This is a necklace pendant made entirely of paper. The outer edge is composed of three layers of 1/8 inch silver-gilded quilling paper that have been glued together and hand sculpted to form an...

Quilled Card Tutorial

This is an all occasion card I made after visiting a beautiful garden. Some of the flowers were quite unusual in that they appeared to be growing upside down. I came home wanting to try to duplicate...

Rolled Paper Bead Christmas Card

This is a handmade Christmas card on which I used rolled, metallic paper beads to create a stylized Christmas tree. I've posted a tutorial on my blog, all things paper, if you'd like to see...

Paper Filigree Greeting Card

This simple card is embellished with a quilled flower. A complete tutorial can be found on my blog, All Things Paper. I included lots of tips for beginners and hope you'll give it a try...

Merci Beaucoup Card

I rolled narrow strips of paper to make the scrolls that embellish the stamped daffodil on this thank you card. If you'd like to read more about the technique, I posted about it on my blog...

recent comments

Re: Stylized Daisy


Re: Quilled Heart Pendant

Sal, I'm sorry to have been so slow to check back here. Thanks very much for your comment. The paper is gilded along the edge of the strip and this adds strength. The inner heart is surprisingly strong to begin with because of the rolled coils. To strengthen the outer heart, I stacked and glued strips together to make them card stock thickness. I don't apply anything else to the paper, and have never had any trouble with a piece losing shape. I just tell my customers to treat paper jewelry as they would any fine jewelry. It could be sprayed with a fixative, as long as it's a matte finish so the paper continues to look like paper and not shiny plastic.

Re: Book Giveaway: Kanzashi In Bloom

The cover of this book is eye-catchingly beautiful. Knowing how well Sister Diane writes her blog, e-books, and delivers her podcasts, there's no doubt the contents of this book make it a winner too. I'd love to win a copy.

Re: Felted Pumpkin


Re: Piano hinge book

Beautiful - a real art object! The hinged binding looks like it must be quite complicated to do.

Re: The Relentless Urge to Create: the Work of Earl Joseph Martell

Jeffery, you never fail to look at things from an inspired perspective. That's what I love about this site... the way you and the other crafting experts constantly surprise us with new ideas. You might have been after Bitter Chocolate that day, but you came away with nourishment for the soul. Earl's photographs and landscape paintings are beautiful.

Re: How to Make a Paper Gift Box

What a great project - and well worth the dumpster dive! The box is cool and the beautiful ribbon adds just the right touch.

Re: How to Make a Crepe Paper Flower Centerpiece

SO pretty! The ball of yarn as a holder is a great idea. I'll need to post a link to this page on my blog.

Re: Paper Fiend: Inspirations, Obsessions, and Curiosities from the Web to Nourish the Soul of a Paper-Lover

So many awesome artists listed here - it's taken me a while to plow through the list, but I'm certainly not complaining - it was great fun! Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts and finds with us.

Re: How to Turn Recycling into a Nature-Inspired Shadow Box

Really pretty. It's great how such simple supplies can lead to a classy project.

Re: Recycled Paper Vessels

Pretty - so nice and colorful.

Re: newspaper basket!

So cool! No need to feel bashful, Psychonaut - this is a great project.

Re: 3D Butterfly Collage

Really pretty! I love simple ideas like this that are so effective. Just added your blog to my list of faves.

Re: How to Recycle The New York Times into a Surface Relief Collage

I love this collage and the fact that the artist used the NYTimes from inauguration week makes it even more special.

Re: Hemidemisemiquaver Design

Really cute! The rain dots are a great touch.

Re: Go Outside and Get Naturally Crafty

ooh, happily I live close enough to go - thanks for the post!

Re: Candy Wrapper Doll Dresses, and Purse

Simply wonderful! I remember making gum wrapper chains as a kid - what a great idea to make a little clutch out of them.

Re: Hemidemisemiquaver Design

Really lovely!

Re: Japanese Washi Doll

She's lovely!

Re: Flower pot card

Cute! Very cheerful.

Re: Handmade Sewn Greeting Cards!

What a clever idea! Probably fairly quick to make and so effective. I love the embossed card blanks you used too.

Re: Welcomed by Nature: Door Decoration Created by Collected Materials

Very pretty... I love things made from natural/plant material.

Re: "Earth" party dress

Very cool!

Re: How to Make a Magazine Reed Box

So neat - thanks! Great instructions too. I'm happy I've saved stacks and stacks of Martha Stewart Living - the heavy, glossy paper will be perfect for this sort of project.

Re: Dodecahedron: "Baby, You're A Star"

Uber-impressive - Jeffery, you're a star. :-) A more complicated project than the Moravian folded paper stars, but well worth the hair-pulling hassle.

Re: Crafty By Nature Entry by Janet Metzger

How sweet! A treasure it is.

Re: Wait 'til You Hear This...

Eye Spy is such a great story! I'm still chuckling about it and looking forward to hearing more, Michaela.

Re: Hemidemisemiquaver Design

So elegant, both the eggs and your packaging. I love the luminous look the Pearl Ex gives to the eggshells.

Re: paper lampshade

This is really pretty! I like how it looks architectural.