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Julie Cuff

I crocheted this bugger many different times in many different yarns. My mind went crazy with all of the possibilities- smaller = earrings, larger, just center = pendant. I couldn't seem to get the...

art, like bread, is for everyone.

Just a quick contact paper decal that I whipped up myself. I got the idea from's "Decor It Yourself"

Precursor to the Julie Cuff. Julie Cuff to come soon!!

Just wanted to show off a quick bracelet I did from the Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker book. It's modified from the Garden Scarf pattern by Michelle Ameron.

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Re: Book Giveaway: Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

wooh! Let's get ecological!

Re: Book Giveaway: Betz White's "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials"

Count me in, that book looks awesome!!!

Re: How to Make Button Embellishments for Shoes!

The cuteness!

Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

Add me to the fray. I'd love to own a copy of this. Please pick me, random generator!! :D Good luck to all!

Re: Book Giveaway: The Bold and the Beautiful: Button It Up

Just putting my name in the mix. Pick me!! :o)

Re: How to Make a Mosaic with Your Old Plastic

I see a Blick card in there! Nice! My mom is going to flip for this one! :o) Thanks.

Re: How to Turn '80s Sweaters into Fashionable Floor Cushions

hahah! I love the pudding pop line! Great idea!

Re: How to Make Hand-Warming Gloves

You wouldn't think I would have much use for these in Mexico, yet in the mornings I meet a group of little popsicles in my classroom. It can be down to almost freezing and we don't have heat indoors! (Of course, it warms to about 80 by the afternoon...)

*clapping* Another triumphant tutorial, Sister D!

Re: Losing a Best Friend

I tell ya, I never knew how much I loved my Singer until she died. But, I got a new one!! :o)

Re: How to Make a Recycled Necktie Scarf

Yet another fabulous idea. I've made a belt out of a tie before, but never a scarf. Looks great, Diane!

Re: How to Make Fabulously Flexible Resin Sheets

Hi Kathy! Don't you just love happy accidents?

Crazy_Gma: You can buy it in Michaels for sure. I'm not sure about Joann's. :o)


Re: Never a Girl Scout

Hey! I just saw these cool badges on Craft Blog.

Re: Crafting My Life with Paper

Now I get it! Thanks for posting the picture!! :o)

Re: Wrapper bags make a comeback

They are very popular here in Mexico. They were selling them for upwards of $120 USD at the Smith College Art Museum Store a few years ago.

In Mexico they're muuuuch cheaper. I posted some pictures on nmy blog at
They're really fun!

Re: Precursor to the Julie Cuff. Julie Cuff to come soon!!

Wow, thanks!!! :o)

Re: Free Julie Cuff Pattern from Blueprint Crochet

Jennifer- Check out my book review on "Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker" at

I just thoroughly increased my crochet skills by working along with that book and so can you!

This bracelet looks awesome, so I'll definitely post it when I'm done. Thanks, Linda!

Re: How to Say Happy Birthday with Scotch Tape and Folders

Aww! This is so nice. How lucky your friend is to have a sweet, handmade card like this. Good job!

Re: How to Place Pattern Pieces Straight on the Grainline

Thanks for this helpful refresher on how to cut pattern pieces. I'll be putting it to use with my new sewing machine. :o)

Re: Know Your Hand-Sewing Needles

Diane, you are so full of knowledge it's awe-worthy. Thanks for this info. It's interesting and helpful. :o)

Re: How to Maintain Your Sewing Machine

Wow, this is so helpful. No one ever taught me this, but I knew I *should* be cleaning my machine... Now I know how. Thanks!

Re: Never a Girl Scout

How completely excellent! Why not start by making some cards? Also macramé is a good one. Here's a macramé tutorial that you might really like.

Keep us updated!

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

Wow. That is possibly the coolest thing I've seen in my life. And I've seen a lot of cool things!

Re: Crochet your own Orb

I'm getting really into crochet. This is an amazing concept. So pretty and unique.

Re: How to Embellish Flip-Flops with Crochet

Hobby Lobby had a sale on flip flops for $1.00 a pair. I bought about 6 pairs! This tut came at the right time. Thanks!

Re: How to Crochet the Bobble Stitch


Re: Crafting My Life with Paper

Hello Jeffrey! I love the title of this blog post. I also have a great love for paper and paper crafts. Lucky you for having such a cool and creative mom. :o) I am wondering if you can post a link or a picture of the kind of floral frog you've mentioned above for organizing scraps. Thanks!! -Cami