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Christmas wreath in blue and gold

Wreath is made of straw material wrapped in blue ribbon w/ gold trim.  The ribbon is the kind that has wire edging.  It can be custom made to fit any theme...I found it easier w/ two people.

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Re: The "Times" They Are A-Changing: How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

I love this idea!!! Wish I had thought of this!!!

Re: Recycle Your Tin Cans into Simple, Stylish Craft Storage!

Neat idea...I just started saving cans and other miscellaneous food containers to use for craft items, etc. Thanks for some inspiration!!!!

Re: How to "Waste" Paper

Interesting idea...

Re: PuRsE GaL Silk Flower Garden Handbag

This is an adorable bag!! Great idea!

Re: button wreath

Another AWESOME wreath idea!!!! I love it! Seems so simple!

Re: Inspiration Wire

I really enjoy this idea! It's so simple and easily keeps projects that one wants to work on in sight...Thanks for sharing!!!

Re: Stylish O's Mini-Wreath's

A great "twist" on making wreaths! I like this idea!!

Re: the Nut Cracker Wreath

I LOVE this wreath!! What a great idea!!!

Re: Post your Holiday Wreaths in Our Gallery

I love this idea for a wreath! What materials were used?

Re: Dianes

I like this as it's nice and simple - no clutter at all!