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Beaded Jewels -Bracelets of Hope

  I, Lexi Butler certified goldsmith, jewelry designer also beading artist and owner/ creator of the online boutique Beaded Jewels have experienced the devastation of cancer, directly through...

Absolute Beautiful Rose Voluminous Beaded Woven Bridal Ring

R-461     Absolute beautiful voluminous beaded woven bridal ring with a freshwater pearl 10 mm long which is surrounded by 24 rose swarovski crystals AB ea 4mm that are joined to a woven...

Beautiful Fuchsia & Purple Butterfly Like Beaded Woven Ring

R-462 Beautiful butterfly like beaded woven ring with a fuchsia 6mm swarovski crystlal AB on top, surrounded by 6 fuchsia swarovski ABx2 and 14 fuchsia swarovski crystal AB ea 4mm which are combined...

Absolute Breath-Taking Wire - Woven Swarovski Crystal Flex Tube Necklace With Hand-Sewn Glass/Swarovski Flower

    Absolute breath-taking wire-woven flex tube necklace with a total of 240 fuchsia, lavender, aqua, purple swarovksi crystals AB, and the same colour taho tubs seed beads Joined to this...

Beaded Jewels Swarovski Crystal Flex Tube Bracelets

One of a kind bracelet

Find Extravagant Gifts at BEADED JEWELS

      Tell time with this extravagant watch out of 22 light-rose and fuchsia swarovski crystals AB ea 6 mm, 24 sterling silver beads 3mm and 36 sterling silver daisy spacers 4mm...

Beaded Jewels Go Pink Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Wire-woven cancer awareness bracelet with ceramic cancer support beads , 13mm flower lampwork bead, rose coloures swarovski crystal AB finish, pink colour dyed freshwater pearls, iridescent pinks...

Go pink in style for the the cure of breast cancer by Beaded Jewels

Beaded Jewels Go Pink In style for the cure

Beaded Jewels Flower Power

I was inspired through the flowers in my garden to make this necklace.

Eye-Catching Eight-Row Blue/Aqua Beaded Necklace With Handmade Ceramic Bead

A truely stunning and eyecatching piece is this eight-row dark-aqua and blue seed beaded necklace in between 3mm lavender swarovski crystals AB 2mm sterling silver beads and handmade 1/2 in sterling...

Flower Power by Beaded Jewels

I was inspired by the flowers in my yard to make these flowery designs. I believe that I should win this contest, because my Beaded Jewels Flower Jewelry is truely unique.

Irregular Shaped Twisted Cut Emerald Glass Bead Set by Beaded Jewels

  Leaf-like necklace set with irregular shaped emerald glass beads with tiny purple seed beads and sterling silver beads. Length 16 1/2 inches  

Wire-Woven Bone Bracelet by Beaded Jewels

Sparkly wire-woven bracelet with aqua speckled 1/2 in beads ( bone ) crystal and dark aqua swarovskies, sterling silver beads and tri-cut auqa seed beads, 3/4 in bead ( bone ) as toggle...

One Of A Kind Multi Colour Swarovski Crystal Set by Beaded Jewels

        Stunning multi colour necklace with 30 swarovskies 6mm ea, 34 sw. 3mm ea, all other components sterling silver, including tassle and toggle closure, necklace length 16...

Aqua and Green Swarovski Crystal set by Beaded Jewels

Sparkly light-green and aqua all austrian swarovski necklace with 53 swarovskies 6mm ea and 38 sw. 3mm ea. sterling silver toggle and beads, length 17 12...

Kiwi Stone Beaded Jewels

Beaded Jewels Gems Collection and New Arrivals has one of a kind kiwi stone necklaces and set combined with tiny hematite beads , kiwi rounds, sparkly swarovski crystalsnbsp...

Beaded Jewels Beautiful Designs Of Everyday Wear

Eye-catching fuchsia seed bead necklace with round aqua speckled beads in between fuchsia 3mm swarovskies and rosegold-toned flower bead caps sterling silver beads, spring and extension chain...

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Re: Beaded Jewels Multi Colour Wire-Woven Flex Tube Bracelet

Thank you for the nice compliment on my bracelet

Re: Flower Power by Beaded Jewels

Thank you,
it only looks delicate .It is actually very sturdy . its made with 26 ga. wire. When you wear it its like a bangle.

Re: Wire-Woven Bone Bracelet by Beaded Jewels

Thank you very much,I always try to do different stuff

Re: The Flower Power Challenge

Thank you for inviting me to be part of the flower power contest. I made a post with five different pics. I was wondering if this was ok ? How many times can I enter, and if I can enter more then one time, should I make five posts with ea one pic. ?