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Rosa Elegante Necklace

Nestled in a strand of pink Swarovski pearls and faceted rosaline crystals is the prettiest pearl pink handmade clay cabachon rose. They hang from antiqued brass chain for a perfectly sweet and...

Rosa Elegante Clay Earrings

Handmade pearl pink rose clay cabachons have been set onto antiqued brass filigree medallions. At the bottom dangle rosaline faceted crystals for the cutest pair of earrings. There is a matching...

Scarlet Garden

A very new piece and one of my favorites. Nestled into a strand of faceted fire-polished ruby Swarovski crystals is a handmade ruby red polymer clay rose. The rose is in full blossom and...

Midnight Garden

A very new piece and one of my favorites. Nestled into a strand of faceted fire-polished jet Swarovski crystals is a handmade black polymer clay rose. The rose is in full blossom and completely made...

Silver Dragonfly Fluttering By Clay Pendant Necklace

Handmade pearl blue oval clay pendant featuring a silver dragonfly. Perfect to wear everyday. Pendant hangs from a black satin cord with a silver spring clasp. New feature in my shop.

Autumn Flower Clay Pendant Necklace

Handmade coral colored clay pendant features a bronze mod flower. Necklace hangs from a brown satin cord with a silver spring clasp. A new feature in my shop.

Moss Foliage Clay Pendant Necklace

Handformed moss green colored clay pendant featuring bronze foliage . In the center hangs a round faceted smokey topaz crystal for a little glitz. Pendant hangs from a brown satin cord with a silver...

Asian medallion Clay Pendant Necklace

Handmade pearl clay medallion featuring ornate Asian designs and kanji. Hung from brown satin cording with a silver spring clasp. Perfect all year around. A newly featured item in my shop.


Ornate crosses hung from silver chain and accented with faceted Czech glass beads. Perfect gift for any gal. The newest addition to my shop. I really like this bracelet!


Heart charm bracelet perfect for any gal! A new feature at my shop and I love them!

Bouquet Necklace Set and other Flowerey Goodness!

Great flower jewelry to keep you happy all winter long. My fave is the first set. I used peachey pink acrylic flowers with green petals and paired them with rosaline colored Czech faceted beads. The...

Vintage Illustration Pendant Necklaces

I just introduced these pendants to my shop and just love them. I received a large amount of vintage illustration prints and what better way to show them off! They are all hung from satin ribbon with...

Fun Stuff for Your Fingers!

I've just featured these great chunky rings in my shop and I love them. From quirky, to boho to romantic. They all have adjustable bands and are very light on the finger. I used a colored glaze...

Forever in Bloom necklaces

Handpainted pendants featuring artistic prints of mixed flower bouquets in a kaleidiscope effect. Vibrant, true to life images sealed and glazed for a bit of dazzle. Perfect to brighten any day or...

More flowers!

I've been in flower mode. I can't stop making flowers. 1st set  are full bloom sage green roses with a gold wash and the 2nd set are rosettes with a silver wash.

Flower Power Clay Earrings

Saturday afternoon I created these cuties, my new 'Flower Collection'. All made by hand and very cute and unique. This is my first challenge and I'm excited. I made this collection using clay, glaze...

Bohemian Blue wood pendant

I decoupaged cute prints onto hand cut wood tiles and added them to crystal accented silver chains. This was my first attempt and they were alot of fun!


I realized, looking at my jewelry stash, that I didnt have any pieces reflecting the warm tones of the  upcoming fall season. Using a mixture of ceramic beads, Czech glass beads, silver...

Flutter Amongst the Pearls!

Here are some sweet new creations from my little mind! The hoops and bracelet are made with beige and ecru glass pearls with antiqued brass dragonflies fluttering in there. The second pair are made...

More creations!

I just received some really great beads and made these cuties last night. A twist on a classic pearl necklace and a pair of earrings That I just love!

Candy Crystals necklace set and other goodies

I just love making jewelry! Here are a few more goodies that I just featured in my shop. The pink and green necklace is my favorite. They look like pieces of hard candy! So pretty.

Beads and Baubles

Anther creation this weekend due to many hours of free time. My husband and 5 mo. old son went out of town to visit my husband's family and I stayed home with my 8 yr. old. We were bored out of our...

Strands of Loveliness necklace set

I got this really pretty engraved cross and designed this necklace for it. I wanted someting bold but with dainty and feminine accents so  I paired it up with several shades of glass pearls and...

Plum Elegance set

i have been experimenting alot with crocheting wire and I am having alot of fun!..Here I feature my newest creation using fine gold finish wire and a variety of plum, lavendar, purple, and lilac...

Rose Elegance

I just started using gold toned wire and loved the way the Rosaline faceted crystals and glass beads looked with it. I handformed the hoops and wrapped the crystals onto the hoop and crocheted the...

I've discovered wire!

I'm not an expert but I got really excited when I sat down with a case of beads and silver wire and came up with these beauties! They are fun to wear and perfect casual or as a fun cocktail ring...

I love jewelry!

I have a real simple style to making jewelry. My problem is I don't have patience to make real elaborate pieces so I like to stick to making earrings and bracelets. Instant gratification! ; )

Simple chain stitch crocheted wire necklace! First Try.

I saw a post here on crocheting a necklace using wire and thought I'd try it. I can't crochet to save my life but I did figure out the single chain stitch so I went to work. I used 30 gauge silver...

recent comments

Re: Tamdoll's Pink Crafts

I like your attitude! I tend to make bright colorful stuff because it's pleasing to the eye and it brighten's your mood

Re: Candy Cake

Thats great. A life saver for those of us that can't or shouldn't bake! =OD

Re: flower power

Could you give us a tutorial? I'd love to make these for my little niece's hair.

Re: My Green Flower Power Ring.

I love it so sweet.

Re: Forever in Bloom necklaces

Thanks rebekah! I've been making these pendants all weekend and I've got like 30 different styles of flowers and colors!

Re: Tree of Life with Eggs in a Nest Pendant (Unakite, Aventurine & Copper)

I love this piece. Very pretty. I've been crocheting with wire lately and I just love its versatility and wire is so much fun to work with. Very nice.

Re: How to Organize Your Brooches and Pins

Great idea and great artwork too! I made some earrings holders recently using the frame idea but instead of wire mesh I used 'plastic grid mesh used for needlework'. They come in a ton of colors and sizes and fit right into the frame with just a few snips. Anywho, awesome idea. I think I'll try it.

Re: Seed Bead Earrings

very pretty.

Re: The Quirky & Pretty Creations of

I love the quirkyness of all the colors. they go perfect together. you've given me inspiration! :)