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Re: Giveaway: Teach Yourself to Sew magazine and DVD

I'm just learning how to sew & this would be so helpful!

Re: Doggie Cardigan

"I'll have a hair of the dog that bit me."

Re: Pup in Garland

I love you Mom, even though you make me wear strange things.

Re: Dog in Ruffles

"What do you mean you ran out of yarn?!"

Re: Playful Pup

"Max had a lot to learn about being a bird dog..."

Re: Sleepy Kitty

"Sweet dreams are made of this!"

Re: Funny Bunny

Beware of Attack Rabbit!

Re: Tortoise Hiding

"Last one in the pond is a rotten egg!"

Re: Puppy Papoose

"I've heard of shopping til you drop, but this is ridiculous!"

Re: 2 Pugs in Hats

"Oh Mom, the Princess Leia look is so yesterday ..."

Re: Horsing Around

"So is this why you named me Patches?"

Re: Doggies by a Window

"Won't mom be surprised when she gets home & sees we dressed ourselves!"

Re: Doggie Cardigan

"But what if I let you borrow my sweater?"