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Re: The bernette by BERNINA "My World" Inspirational Contest - Official Rules

I would love to win this sewing machine because I do not have a machine right now. I am on disability right now and it does not look like I will ever work outside the home again. I need something to occupy my time and this sewing machine would certainly help me.

With what I draw from SSI I can not afford to buy a sewing machine, and I could so many crafts if I owned one. Because I am divorced, I live with my Mother who has a sewing machine but it is a very old one and it skips stitches a lot.
I take care of my Mother who has cancer, and her outlook is not good. This would help me find an outlet for all my stress. I also have 5 grandchildren I could make crafts for.

I appreciate any consideration you may give me in winning this great looking sewing machine. Christmas is not far off and since I am not able financially to buy presents for all my family, your machine would help me make a few crafts for all my family.

Thanks for letting me write this anf May God bless you.


Elaine Morris