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craft interests: jewelry making, metal and glass

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Silver tattoos

Below 14th studio has a new focus, on silver jewelry, in particular tatoo-inspired pieces, stick-figure necklaces, and silver reproductions of famous art details.

A summer recipe for a bar necklace

A little bit of glass, a little bit of metal, 12 hours of cooking in a kiln and voila, you got yourself a bar necklace!

Wear something different on your finger

Some of our favorite designs from 2008.

Colorful drops for your ears

This is the new batch of fun, summer earrings available in the below 14th shop! They are all made with colorful, bright glass and stainless steel posts.

How to Set Up a Fused Glass Studio

Here are some tips from below 14th studio on getting started with fused glass, buying the right tools, and working up the courage to try something new.

Original below 14th designs

Below 14th is an independent studio in New Haven, CT. We make original fused glass jewelry with a downtown vibe. See our work online at

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Re: A Beginner's Perspective on Fused Glass Jewelry

You're doing a great job earning your badges.

Thanks for the visit and excellent conversation and not posting pictures of the messy(er) parts of my studio!

Re: Colorful drops for your ears

I'm so happy you like them! Thanks again so much!

Re: Never a Girl Scout

Congratulations and I can't wait to see all of your creations!

Re: Colorful drops for your ears

Aw, thank you!

Re: Original below 14th designs

Thank you both! I'm glad you like them.

(Michaela, I'll make sure your ring is bigger and better than Vicky's.)