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drink beer

take beer botle drink the end

how to make p.j pants

  get the cloth you want cut the cloth in the shape of a skirt or pants and make it big if you are making these for your kids if the girl likes princess get sparkly stretchy string and put it...

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Re: drink beer

sorry i just rote that when i was drunk then i passed out and woke up with my husband on me and i was nude and for some reason he was the one who got me drunk and now i am going to have another running around the house and that means i am gonna have 5 kids oops he just came in naked i guess 6 a

Re: how to make p.j pants


Re: How to Make a Coin Purse

tooooooo cute

Re: How to Make Your Own Undies

these panties are soooooo cute and hot i wonder if my daughters would like these there names are rosie 3 months old tina 16 years old lilly is also 16 tina and lilly are twins and i am going to have a boy if he has brown hair we are naming him charlie if he has blonde hair we will name him avery and if he has black hair we will name him jayden!!!! i wonder if i could make some blue boxers for him?!!!! cuz these are soooo cute oops i have to go pick up lilly and tina from there friends house now.