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Cheery Mod Tote for the Challenge

Cheery Mod tote entry, omni-crafter category of the tote challenge. The cheery tote is made of fabric from Amy Butler's midwest modern collection. The outside fabric is pleated, topped with a...

Glittery Tote Challenge

The Glitter Glam Tote is an entry for the Glitter category of the tote challenge. The bag is made of a black velvety plush mystery material from a second-hand store find, and a patterned rayon...

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Re: Is The Craft Industry an Industry Divided?

Interesting to identify the chasm between (pre-indie?) craft and indie craft as the web. I agree but take it a step further. I see the difference as method (which includes the web), style, and a less structured artistic and creative impulse.

I have a friend who said to me, "Oh, you're not the chintz and chickens crafter." Sums it up to some degree. I do not mean to knock anyone who makes things (nor do I want to knock chintz and chickens!)--but there is a difference. We have, in common, making things, and I think it's good to focus on common ground. But the two groups also have distinct communities.

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

Love the tote challenge and the wonderful bags that have been entered. I'm contemplating entering, and was wondering if the tote can have purse-like handles? It's voluminous, like a typical tote, but it's round and instead of straps, I have a different kind of handle on it... does it still qualify as a tote? (I don't mean to make it an existential issue--what is a tote)...

Thanks for any clarification.