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Obsessed with buttons and button crafts. Got tired of scrolling through ebay and craft stores for cool buttons.

Opened up a button store to help spread the button love...and help home craft makers and design peeps to find fun buttons.

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, home decorating, jewelry making, quilting, restyle, buttons

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Re: Button Necklace inspired by CraftStylish comrade!

nice! this is really pretty. Found you off of the other button necklace post. I totally agree that it's such a great use of buttons.

If you ever need some more buttons, let me know. We just opened our little button shop and can help you find some more if you need. (or email me:

Re: How to Make a Stacked-Button Necklace

wow! this is beautiful. this reminds me of the candy necklaces that we used to wear when we were younger. I think what I love about this is the sparse mixture of gold on white buttons. and the differing buttons sizes adds a nice natural touch to it.