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Ruined Vintage Bag Salvaged!

About 2 years ago, I purchased this LOVELY apple green bag on eBay. It was vintage and it was new...still had the tag attached!I was as happy as a Lark. I loved it so, it inspired me to do a photo...

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Re: Resparkle an Old Handbag with Spring Flowers!

Very clever! I might try this with my own pattern... Thanks!

Re: Pretty In Pink necklace by Liebling Designs

Simple Elegance... Just lovely.

Re: pink peyote stitched bracelet

That is such a beautiful piece. I bet a longer version would make a fabulous chocker as well. A beautiful project to honor the memory of your sister.

Re: Pink felt flower brooch

I think the stitching makes it curve... just pull it a bit...

Very beautiful brooch!

Re: Carnation Flower Pin - Pink Tie Dyed - Recycled Tshirt

This is very beautiful... just precious!

Re: Pink capri purse

This is adorable... great upcycling!

Re: Around the House Charms

OMGosh I LOVE this site... you inspired me to make things out of weird things like vintage key chains and car emblems (lol)

I have a TON... literally hundreds of key chains (purchased from an estate sale) I will now dismantle & use in other recreations... Thank you!!!!!

Re: Renegade Jewelry Artists Look to the Past for Inspiration

Just so happens I p/u a ton of emblems last week at an Estate Sale... LOL I didn't even know I could 'make' something w/them.... Where was my mind.. I guess I was just focused on dumping them on eBay.. Thanks for the inspiration. Now what can I make?!

Re: Confessions of a Polygamist Crafter

I am such a craft polygamist... I am glad I have a diagnosis. I use to think I was just allover the place... I think I will have to blog this.... Tomboy around Town and her many crafting loves:
paper crafts

I pretty much embellish everything...

Oh and my new love... photography!