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Re: The Latest Trend in Sewing Machines Is BIG!

Well, I am commenting again on this remarkable machine. I just purchased the new needle punch attachment. OMG. My fabrics will never be the same. Needle punching can change your embellishment techniques dramatically. You can add: yarns of all kinds, fabric on fabric, threads, ribbons, roving of all kinds, and well, I could go on. I just needle punched some silk onto some jeans and then I put an embroidery design on top of that! Here we go.....Sew Fun,
Shelley and my Hum-B

Re: Vintage Handmade!

Love it. Vintage is really stealth couture!
Good work!

Re: The Latest Trend in Sewing Machines Is BIG!

I have this machine and I cannot beleive the things it can do!! You can use the built-in stitch designs to make a "set" of stitches to fill a piece of fabric as a background or as THE design of the fabric itself. Keep in mind the fabric can be as large as, well whatever you need. The machine will remember these stitches for later use. You can, also, go from the regular stitch sreen to the embroidery screen and combine stitches that can be saved as an embroidery design! If this sounds confusing, then it should! It's too remarkable to explain. WOW, what a COMPLETE sewing machine this truely is. I especially love the huge space under the "arm" of the machine that includes 7 additional lights! No shadows around the stitching area. I can go on, but best you see this remarkable machine yourself.

Re: How to Make Paperless Origami

I have not been able to print out pages 2 and 3. please advise.

Re: How to Make Paperless Origami

Jeffery, Love your inspiration! Paper is EVERYWHERE!!
Great stuff.
I look forward to more.

Re: How to Sew a Bias Tape Facing

Hey! Great, simple idea. Love it!