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Re: Make a One-Hour Dress

back in the 70's stretch and sew was big. there was a tee-shirt variation where you extend the shoulders 3-6 inches and added one inch to the shoulder seams so that they are 1 & 5/8th inches. sew the shoulder seam on the original sewing line stopping 5/8th inch from the sleeve end sew up the side seams, clean finish the sleeve including the opened seam however you like. then take the shoulder seem and press 1/4 inch along it. then fold it in half and sew down creating two tunnels beside the seams. take a piece of coordinating ribbon, or a self fabric tube. thread through the tunnels (the ends of the ribbon/tube will be caught when the neckline is finished) when you try it on, push the shoulder up the tubing and tie a bow, this creates a soft ruched effect that is much more flattering. it take less time to do then the direction seem to indicate.

I think that the one hour articles of clothing are not counting in the time altering the pattern, laying out and cutting the pattern. setting up the machine with the right needle, testing a scrap of fabric to see how it handles and looks. yes if you just count sewing 4 seams, setting in the sleeves, facings and hem, without Children, husband pets or phone interruptions, it would be possible, but i can't make any thing except a tea towel bib with ribbing or a simple unlined grocery bag in an hour.

Re: What was your very first sewing project?

The first two experiences with a machine where horrific. 8th grade home ec in the 50'5 was a project to make a simple muslin apron using part of a wash cloth as trim and the rest sewn to hang from the waist. I got a D because I sewed without hand basting first and I dawdled and goofed off and made the bib larger because my mother would use it and she wanted coverage on her aprons. the second was the next summer at a singer sewing store. I chose a full skirted shirtwaist dress. The dress was well made but it was nowhere near fitting me. way too big. they were more interested selling the machine's attributes and its' ease of use than fitting me. the neighbor who took the dress in for me wound up teaching me. I am 4'11 sewing is a necessity because the garment industry has decided that 5'4" is a petite size model. I need to take up an inch above the bust, an inch below the bust. take in the neck at the center. an inch above the high hip and 3-5 inches between the hip and hem. I am glad that I sew because over the years I have put on weight, there are no plus size petites that fit me.