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Re: My Sewing Room

Morning Glory, Where did you get your typing logo?

Re: Funny Bunny

I know it was my ears that turned him off.

Re: Tortoise Hiding

Good G-d. I woke up and I had sprouted a yellow beard!

Re: Puppy Papoose

Is this cool or what?

Re: 2 Pugs in Hats

I think we are getting China through these ear patches.

Re: Horsing Around

This is a horse blanket???????????

Re: Doggies by a Window

She's always trying to upstage me.

Re: Doggie Cardigan

Really, does this make me look too heavy?

Re: Pup in Garland

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup.

Re: Dog in Ruffles

Does this do anything for my eyes?

Re: Playful Pup

I'm speachless.

Re: Sleepy Kitty

Technicolor dreams.

Re: Funny Bunny

It was my ears. That's why he didn't call back.