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Re: Giveaway: Teach Yourself to Sew magazine and DVD

I would love to receve this> I have been "collecting" sewing supplies and notions for over 20 years and never new which tools I was missisng. I am self-taught and believe I now need some help.

Re: How to Make a Patchwork Laptop Case

I am sorry. The colours are ugly. I think one could have made it with a patchwork design rather than just strips. The fabric is not waterproof which would be a big plus.

Re: Project Runway Week 12 Recap

I was very disappointed with the results of this challenge but the garments were as I expected -- safe or unwearable.

threads magazine had an artcle on Yves Saint Laurant and the inspiration he took from great works of art and put into his garments. My impression is that he put the art on the garment. These designers seemed rather afraid to do that.

Gordana came the closest with her gorgeous dress. The zipper was rather poorly installed. Irina's dress was not at all attractive. I was rooting for Christopher but his lack of knowledge showed here with his bad choice of fabric for his dress. Althea's dress was a disaster. Carol Hanna's dress was beautiful and, I believe, could have been more luxuriously draped.

Based on the performance of the designers this season, I can only surmise that these final three were picked because of the consistency of their work.

New York's Garment District is in danger of being reduced from a square mile sized manufacturing area to a square block multi-storey building. The land is considered better used for condos and retail. Some designers are trying to stop this from happening. It would be sad if one of the last places in which America actually made something disappears.

Re: Book Giveaway: Design-It-Yourself Clothes

This book would be an excellent addition to my library. Everytime I sit in on a group sewing project, I learn so much. I would love to have the author's experience at my fingertips.

Re: Jersey Dress

Need to match the stripes better. Otherwise, it is nice.

Re: Lache' by: J.Fulks Women's Suite

I like your interpretation of the designer dress.

Re: "10-6" Work Dress

Nice design and excution. The back, however, is not flattering.

Re: Gucci-inspired suit and coat

Nicely done although entirely too plain.

Re: Chanel Inspired Dress with Fur

Hardly at all like the inspiration.

Re: Floral Evening Gown

This dress is worthy of the contest. Very nice.

Re: Pink, white and polka dot flounc dress

Ugly. The ruffles at the bottom are unnecessary.

Re: Lache' by: J.Fulks Men's Jacket

Finally something for men.

Re: Fun Spring Dress with Pockets

Sorry. Not an appropriate fall fashion.

Re: Ivory strapless dress with plaid accent

I do not agree. This is not attractive.

Re: Project Runway, Episode 1 Recap

I and my boyfriend, Lowell, really love Project Runway. I sew and understand the difficulty of construction. He is a fashsion critic and believes that Americans dress badly overall. I felt that the winning dress was nice but a pretty standard red carpet design. Lowell totally approved of Ra'mon's dress and I did too. I can see it in violet with a jeweled strap and jewel accents on the other shoulder. I thought Louise's dress would have been better with a tighter bodice and a shorter skirt. Lowell did not like it. Lowell thought that Gordana's dress looked like a slip. I agreed that the front of Qristyl's dress did not work. I would have had the patterned fabric down the center with the purple framing it on the sides. Lowell thought that Ari could have explained that her design was the result of temporary insanity. I felt that a better design and execution could have saved it. I felt bad for Mitchell and I hope that no one chooses that model again. I believe that he could have saved the dress by lengthening it in a creative manner. Both Lowell and I believe that in a competition such as this one, the designs should be simple and the flair should come from the fabric and execution.