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Re: The CraftStylish Caption Contest: Knitwear Comes Back to Haunt Us

After the six thousandth apple pie, Mom finally made good on her threat to knit those expressions right off our faces

Re: How to Make Simple White Paper Flowers

Ooooh! These are so pretty, I can't decide which ones I like better, the daisies or these! I think if I were forced to chose I'd pick BOTH. Thanks so much for your posts--they are awesome. I love how simple and elegant they are.

Re: Never a Girl Scout

VIC-KY! VIC-KY! VIC-KY! Make that card and post it!!!

Re: What's in Your Hope Chest?

Hi, you reminded me of my own mother and her Lane hope chest. When we were little girls every now and then my mother would take us through her hope chest and we would get to re-hear all of the stories attached to the things that she kept in there. When she died a few years ago I went through that chest once again and I was so surprised to find about ten unopened bottles of her favorite perfume--all gifts from her children. I realized that in this instance the fact that they were from us is what made them so special and hope chest worthy (she had several bottles of that same perfume on her dresser and all presumably purchased by her) Going through that hope chest changed my life--I saw and held the things that endured and offered hope and I realized how the many things that I tend to worry about are really insignificant and trivial. My mother's hope chest showed me what really matters.
Thanks so much.