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Moving to the city of neon from the far north country I can tell you its a desert out here for many, many things - the worst to find is a great yarn selection. Oh well, I try and stock up on visits home. Knitting, crochet, sewing, beading are my first loves but always interested to try new things that appeal to me.

craft interests: crochet, holidays, jewelry making, knitting, paper crafts, quilting, sewing

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Re: How to Make Perfect Paper Daisies

Jeffery, you are amazing! To take the most simple materials and create such fabulous designs puts you in the A+ category of artisans. Best of all they are "doable" by almost anyone so please continue to show your outstanding projects here for us with limited time to think up these show pieces. I am making both your flowers that I've seen on this site since joining and taking them to work. Thank you for being generous enough to share.