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Re: How to Make a Mosaic with Your Old Plastic

What a great idea! I love it. It would remind me of the days when those cards ruled my life...he he...I don't think I have any left though. I'll have to look around.I'll tell my kids, "See, this is what these things are good for." Thanks for sharing

Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

I love this idea. I had played around with polymer clay for a time but was never happy with it. I thought that I might move onto PMC some day but in my disappointment with the clay beads I just packed it all up and stuffed it in the closet.

But now...thanks to you...I can haul it out again. Neat buttons are so costly. Well, buttons are costly these days. I have some grandkids and you have given me some really good ideas as to how to make something special for them.

Here's an idea, PMC buttons!

Re: How to Make a Granny Square

I love the large pictures plus the comments on what it is that you are trying to do. Very clear and helpful. Thanks