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Home decorating

Cushions sewen by me using scraps and recycling cloth demo books .

More Christmas Crafts and Deco

Sewen and made with felt

Christmas Felt

Handsewen felt ornaments

Christmas Recycle

Made  by recycling gloves that don't have pairs. Stuff glove with polyfill up to wrist. Just tie pinky finger around the wrist of the glove leaving a space for head, stuff head and tie...

Crimildas Itty Bitties

Dolls made by hand sewing using 15 buttons for each leg and arm,scraps of material, tiny yo-yos, using pattern from Amber Schroeder from Quick and Easy Craft  and changinging it to my versionIn...

Crimildas Itty Bitties

I made these dolls by hand sewing them using a pattern by Amber K. Schroeder from Quick & Easy Crafts and buttons, 15 buttons for each arm and leg . I made it according to the person I gave it...

Crimildas Itty Bitties

I used those sample books for the fabric. I cut it 51cm by 27 cm. Then I added 2 rectangles on sides 13cm by 7 cm . I painted the flower with acrylic paint and using double nylon thread and different...

Crimildas Itty Bitties

Bitty booties felt handmade and embroidered teddy bear. Pattern from Heather Bailey. My aunt (my second mother) helped raise 5 children abandoned by their mother ,had cancer in her breast and was...

Paper handbags

Paperhandbag made with giftwrap paper that was ruined and ready to be thrown out. Cut in pieces and covered with contact paper and weaved to form it .

Crimilda"s Stuff

Hanbag crocheted in slip stitch in  double cotton thread with lotus flowers in yarn. Real comfortable to carry along anywhere and super easy to make . It has a lining so nothing peaks out.

Crimilda"s Stuff

Crocheted Flower Power Multi Angel was crocheted and I used ribbon to decorate it .The flower has tiny pearls in the center. It has multi uses as a choker,baby or girls hair band and as a bracelet...

Flower Power Blue Purse

Hand knittedpurse with crocheted flower and stones ,also ribbon leaves. This was my first purse knitted and everyone wanted it. I was just so proud of it and couldn't let it go .

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Re: Flower Power Vibrant Flowers Bracelet

So beautiful! I would love to learn how to make this! You are very creative! Crimilda

Re: The Flower Power Challenge

Please help me I'm not seeing any of my projects on this page.Thanks for the help ,if you can.My regards to you all,Crimilda