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Rug from T-Shirts

A great idea!  Thanks Cal Patch!

Sweater hat sets

Took Cal Patches idea "How to Make Hats from Recycled Sweaters" a bit further, by making mittens from the sweater sleeves, and trimming some polar fleece with the sweater leftovers for coordinating...

Cast Couture

Turn colorful wool sweaters into unique cast covers, and recycle too!  These started as finds from the thrift store—wet felted in the washing machine (wash with detergent in hot water, dry...

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Re: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts

Love this idea! Thanks Cal Patch. My oval bathroom rug was started with a chain of 20 stitches. It took 7 t-shirts (most size XL) to make a rug 39"x 26". I'm looking forward to making more of these in different colors and shapes!

Re: How to Make Hats from Recycled Sweaters

Thanks so much for a great idea! I made several of these as Xmas presents, and also made mittens with coordinating scarves. I came up with an alternate way to do the hat, if you have a sweater with an existing rib band that can work for the edge of the hat. I'll post the pictures. Thanks Cal Patch!