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Nativity Advent Calendar

Here is an Advent Calendar I made for my best friend Judy.  The Calendar hangs on from a loop at the top that doubles as a closure, the calendar folds in half like a book sealing...

Painted Shoes "Hawaii/animal print loving Grad"

Info and more pics to follow on these, my most recent commission!:)

recent commissioned portraits

This is a painting of my Brother and his Fiance, it will be the centerpiece of a autograph matte, displayed at the wedding for all the guests to sign:)

Update: finished "War and Peace" shoes

  Hi everyone! Thanks to Craftstylish I have been inundated with requests to create more Vans!  I even recieved a collection of shoes form Steve Van Doren (of VANS shoes!!) I have been busy...

Custom Hand-Painted Wedding Shoes

Steve Van Doren (of Vans shoes) commissioned these Vans shoes for his niece, who wore them down the aisle in her recent wedding! 

Nascar Painted Shoes "In my dust/Leader of the pack"

Steve Van Doren (of Vans shoes) commissioned these Vans shoes for his Niece as well, She is an avid Dale Earnhardt Jr./NASCAR fan. These shoes were my first NASCAR inspired pairnbsp...

Nascar Painted Shoes "Body and Soul"

Here is a commissioned pair of shoes I painted recently.  They were for an avid "Jeff Gordon/NASCAR/Elvis" fan.  These shoes were a huge challenge! NASCAR is defined by the...

pink ribbon toothpick

The time to cure cancer has come... we can do it together, Support cancer research!

Wedding Invitations

Here are some invitations I made for my cousin's and brother's wedding.  They are hand drawn, and photoshopped.  The corazon and half of a border in black pen and ink ...

Painted Shoes "High School Vans"

Here is another pair of Vans I'm working on.  My daughter is absolutely one of my best friends so I want them to be very special! She came up with the front panel idea right away, as she...

Painted Shoes "War and Peace"

Hi everyone! Thanks to Craftstylish I have been inundated with requests to create more Vans!  I have been busy busy designing and painting and I will try to post them as I go. Thanks to all who...

Dia de los Muertos

Mostly due to a spinal condition I've had since birth, I have an obsession with skeletal imagery and have always loved Dia De Los Muertos inspired pieces because of their skeletal...

Make It: Painted Shoes

Hi, crafters!  Pictured here is a pair of Vans I designed and painted for a friend of my daughter. Altogether, research, design, and execution took about 30 hours, but this was my first attempt...

Greeting Cards

Cards made with white and colored cardstock and exacto blades.  I get inspiration from lots of different places but mostly I make things for specific reasons and people and the occasion...


Here are two portraits I painted of my children.  I'm going to try painting pictures of my whole family and our pets. I start with a picture and make a pattern, then using a layering...

Toothpick flower power!

if you visit my profile you will see that I carve and paint toothpicks as a hobby, I have many but I was excited to take the challenge of the flower, I love and do all forms of crafting from shrine...

wood carving

In my sparetime I have made dozens of different toothpicks, these are just a few:) carved and painted toothpicks, some of my pieces like Elvis and bee incorporate my hair..

recent comments

Re: Painted Shoes "Hawaii/animal print loving Grad"

Thanks so much! I am not taking orders as of July 2010 but will be soon, I'll repost when I'm ready! Thanks!

Re: Friday Etsy Roundup: Umbrella Inspired Crafts

My daughters favorite band has a great umbrella themed shirt, very popular, art by the bands lead singer! cute shirt, Great band!

Re: Nascar Painted Shoes "Body and Soul"

Hi there! Thanks so much! Orders are easy to place, Just email me anytime at [email protected]!

Re: Nascar Painted Shoes "In my dust/Leader of the pack"

Hi there ScrtSquirll! Thanks you the compliment! Orders are easy to place! Just email me at [email protected], Thanks!

Re: Wedding Invitations

Hi there, tickytock..sorry I hadn't seen you question earlier:( My invitations have never been featured anywhere but here on CS. I hand drew the original designs, scanned the drawing into the computer, added the font/writing with photoshop, repeated the process with the other pieces(rsvp card ect.) and then we took cardstock and printed them with my own printer! They were my wedding gift for the couple!
You can always contact me by email! [email protected]

Re: Custom Hand-Painted Wedding Shoes

Thanks all! They are painted, by hand with a brush and fabric paint white, grayshades and glitter:)they took aproximately 30 hours to complete. She loved them.

Re: Wait 'til You Hear This...

Thank God for Columbo and Sandy Duncan! I hate surprises!

Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

I'm always on the lookout for gift projects, sounds like this book's got some cute ones!

Re: Painted Shoes "War and Peace"

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments and check out "update War and Peace shoes" to see these shoes finished!! xoxoDanyelle

Re: Custom Hand-Painted Wedding Shoes

Thanks so much, I love all my shoes so much, they are like babies, it's hard to send them out in the world!!

Re: How to Make Stuffed Valentine Doll

This is so cute...I love it.

Re: Crude Company - Raw Jewelry and Ornament

I LOVE that pillow, nice work.

Re: CraftStylish Handcrafts the Booth for CHA

got a close up? would love to see it in detail!

Re: CraftStylish Handcrafts the Booth for CHA

The wall looks amazing! I want to touch it, it's so tactile and cool! Great Job!

Re: pink ribbon toothpick



hey are you on facebook? I'de love to talk to you. you can email me at [email protected] later:)

Re: Painted Shoes "High School Vans"

Oh man...thank you. I have been very busy since, I hav,t even had time to really post more shoes but, yes I have. My family is from New Mexico and a large chunk of my family is still there, cool. We'll talk soon I hope:) Danyelle

Re: Crafting through Grief

Sorry about Mac...I have lost a menagerie of animals (big and small) over the years and it never gets easier.xox Dany


These are really beautiful! my fav's the cuttlefish, great detail!

Re: How to Make Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

Wow, perfect timing. Thanks!

Re: Living on Scraps: The CraftStylish Interview with Jeffery Rudell

Wow... Thanks for this peek into your brain/life:) When I was a kid my parents said I made people, animals, and a town out of lint balls and junk...ha

Re: Alfileteros, pincushions. para los dedos

I love these I can't wait to make one thanks!

Re: Turn Photos into Embroidered Portraits

hi Kiliki, thats sounds gorgeous! I'd love to see it in a post:)

Re: Turn Photos into Embroidered Portraits

Wow these are really beautiful...I need to try this one, thanks

Re: Ideas for a Creepy Little Photo Book

I rely so much on Photoshop to fix my photo imperfections, I love this idea! I have two "little monsters" and am gonna love playing with their pictures:) Thanks

Re: How to Turn Your Portraits into Patterns

Embroidery patterns I love it! check out my "portraits" post, I used the same technique to make patterns for painting onto canvas, nice tutorial:)

Re: Lorian's Paintings

This is really pretty, I love the simplicity... most of my memories of the beach are just like this, no beachballs, people, birds, just sky and waves. Relaxing and lovely

Re: Painted Shoe #1

These are great, I'm impressed with how your technique for painting starts spontaneous and turns out totally cohesive. The shoes though different totally compliment each other. Nice work!

Re: Wedding Invitations

Thanks! I also made my own wedding invitations and save the dates, but I can't seem to find one:(

Re: Painted Shoes "High School Vans"

Hi Sandy!(Burtongilroy) OMGoodness! Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you wrote about my paintings. My mom has been busy sharing this site and she just told me that she sent to the Chayrez family! :) Working like crazy these days on designs and paintings and will try to keep everyone in touch new updates. Keep those prayers coming, I need them now more than ever! xoxo Danyelle :)

Re: Painted Shoes "High School Vans"

Gosh, Thank you so much! RachelPhilips you are so intuitive, my daughter and I are very close, (in age as well as affection)and we have been through a lot together. I am so proud of her. She is getting older now and I feel the child slowly making way for the woman in her. I think there is a bit of that reflected in these shoe as well...

Re: Flower Power Challenge Winners!!!

Thank you Craftstylish! I saw some gorgeous flowers in this challenge and I am proud to be amongst such talent! Thanks!

Re: Flower Power Rose Bouquet

woa!! these look totally authentic nice work!


I really love the colorful piece, simple and clean, nice work!

Re: Water Lilly Flower Power

this is beautiful

Re: Impression Prints

I am so impressed by all your posts...and now this, I cannot wait to make these. thanks! and you're awesome!

Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes


Re: Make an Incredible Shrinking Necklace

Parchment worked great! especially for long or large pieces, thanks for the tip!

Re: Greeting Cards

Thanks! I have never crafted so much! it's thanks to craftstylish that I've got my creative juices flowing again!!

Re: The Flower Power Challenge

thanks for letting me show my hobby skills!

Re: Creation Crochet

I love these color combinations, the hat and gloves would match lots of clothes, nice work!

Re: Crochet

now crocheting is cool...a 3 tier cake,who knew! I love it!

Re: Make It: Painted Shoes

OMGoodness thanks to all who commented and I cant wait to make more!xoxo Danyelle

Re: Make It: Painted Shoes

Thanks so much! These were really fun:)

Re: wood carving

Thanks so much!!, I carve them with exacto blades and paint them with my eyelash:)