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Re: Halloween Four-Book Giveaway

What a great giveaway! I've been looking for some inspiration to pick up my knitting needles and crochet hooks for the holidays - these books would do the trick (and what a treat they would be)!

Re: Book Giveaway: Crochet Red, Knit Red, Sew Red

What a wonderful concept - bringing awareness to women's heart health in such a beautiful and creative way! I would love to win the book.

Re: Book Giveaway: 100 Colorful Granny Squares to Crochet

I'm loving the new colorful granny square patterns I've been seeing lately - would love to win the book!

Re: Book Giveaway: Crochet Garden

This is perfect timing - my mind is already on spring flowers and crocheting some sounds like so much fun!

Re: Book Giveaway: Animal Hats

If you knew me, you would know that I should win this book before the deadline because I'm a slow and meticulous crafter...I need all the extra time I can get before Christmas arrives! (Thanks for a great giveaway!)

Re: Book Giveaway: Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cure

Love the idea/concept behind the book- would love to win a copy! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!