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Re: What machine are you sewing on now?

I love my Viking Husquevarna Lily! It has an overlock stitch so I don't need a serger, the only thing it doesn't do is cut the excess and trim the edge. I have limited space in my sewing room so it saves me space! I love it!

Re: Recycle Your Tin Cans into Mini-Planters!

I don't have photos but I have a related craft. Ya know bout those famous things they sell now for growing tomatos on the down side? I made my own from a 3+lbs plastic coffee container and a pretty macrame hanger. I have huge plants almost ready to fruit. In only three weeks.

I cut 2 inch holes on the sides (not the bottom because of the macrame knot) planted tomatos and marconi peppers from the sides. (three on each one for balance and looks). I cut a hole in the black cover for watering and placed it back on top. WORKS LIKE A DREAM! Now I have the best part of waking up in my cup and on my patio! Can't wait for Salad & Salsa!

Keep the ideas coming, I love this site!

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

AMAZING! I am also traveling by car this weekend and I can't wait to use up some ole scraps of yarn. I want to make more than one so I can wash one and always have one!!!

Re: How to Restyle a T-Shirt into a Ruffly Shrug

I can't wait to try this, I work in a business office and in summer I love sundresses with tank type tops, BUT not appropriate. I think this will make a really nice cover-up and allow me to wear some of my summer wardrobe to work! THANKS for the inspiration!!!!!