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Re: How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

I wish there were more photos in this post. It's very detailed and that's what I like about it, but it would have been even better with some photos.

Re: Crumpled Up: How to Make Paper Flowers

These look really cool. My daughter has a school project on flowers coming soon, so I'll definitely show her this tutorial.

Re: How to Weave an Easter Basket from Recycled Boxes

I suppose this tutorial would only work with soft boxes and not for those they use for moving house? I got a load of them at the moment, that's why I'm asking :)

Re: How to Turn an Item for Recycling into a Beautiful Vase

Wow, this is an awesome project and a really good way to make use of your own moving cardboard boxes. A friend of mine recently moved home and kept some of the boxes for her child. The kid used them as new toys in addition to his old toys. This in turn made the moving blues go away much faster. Cardboard art or any kind of hobby can really help you in hard times.