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Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

Hey can you help me with this?

When I am creating something I make parts and before I can add the detales with tools The outer layer dries to the point that i cant even do anything for example If i were to make a leaf for a tree I would shape the clay into the leaf and then i would go to make the veins and all that on it and i do it immediatly and its allready too late it is dry on the outer layer to the point that i cant even make it do anything but crumble it up and toss it.... what can i do i want to make some awesome stuff but i cant until i figure out a solution to this horrible problem i am having every time i try to make even the simplest thing even if it only takes two minutes to do its already to late....... can you help me my email is (941)518-8824 and my email address is