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Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

I couldn't find the PUL fabric referred to in this tutorial (I live in western australia so it could be something else) Anyway I bought about 20cm of plastic fabric from spotlight- one of my local fabric stores- but it had a lightly flocked backing so I just layered the two together and zig zagged them with the flocked surface inside. Then rather than sewing the side flaps on one side and folding back and sewing them again I just did the whole lot in zig zag stitch around the outside sewing the sides in as I went- incredibly quick and easy and it worked out very much the same. The fabric cost $2 (australian) all up and there is enough to make two!

Re: How to Restyle a T-Shirt With Pin Tucks

What a fabulous idea. I love the back too and agree with claudia I might try it on the front too. I hate ordinary t-shirts, I always look like a box in them I'll have to search and see If I have any tucked away (for pj's) or go out and buy one to give this a go with!

Re: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts

Fabulous! no tee shirt will be safe in my house now!! I started a rag rug using rags ie fabric from my stash but it wasn't working as I'd hoped plus it seemed to take masses of fabric for a small piece of work. Thanks for the nifty trick on how to join fabric too.