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Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

note- I meant that the Bernat directions were not clear at all and your blog made it sooo much easier!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Hi there!
I see this was posted quite a long time ago but I am sooooo grateful I found your blog! I would say I'm an intermediate level crocheter (sp?) but these directions were cruddy! I am following the pattern for 18 months and then I realized about 2/3 through that I had used to light of yarn. It was too tall and very narrow and just disproportionate. But I had already bought so much yarn I decided to make my own gauge swatch and crochet til it fit the measurements, (meaning I had to make more stitches to make it wider, etc.)

Everything except the hood I altered.

But now my problem is attaching the hood. Your instructions were incredibly helpful and I'm pretty sure I attached the right sides, but somehow the neck (after sewing the body pieces at the shoulders together) seems small and the hood doesn't exactly fit correctly.... I need a small child to try it on because the back of the hood seems very narrow and the front seems too small as well....any suggestions? my best bet is to remake the hood but I'm not sure what adjustments I need to make on it. perhaps adding the stair rows at the end? I'm sorry this is so long but I've spent dozens of hours the past 2 weeks and don't want to give up!