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Stocking Stuffer For The Bookworm - How To Make

This Macrame Bookmark is perfect for a student or someone who loves to read or write. It has a Winter theme with snowflakes and Snowmen and would make a great Christmas stocking...

Necklace and Earrings Made With Hardware Store Parts

I like making the unusual. And I do believe these fit the bill. Made with wing nuts, washers and chain links all purchased from the hardware store. Earrings made with a smaller size wing nut. Looks...

How To Make A Twisted Herringbone Bracelet

Just finished this tutorial for a friend who is making lots of pretty bracelets and wanted to learn the Twisted Herringbone stitch.  So... I thought I would share it with you in case you have...

Crocheted Flower Necklaces

i created these necklaces from crocheted flowers. I added Marbella beads and strung them on a satiny cord. Headbands are crocheted using the shell stitch. Yarn used is Vanna's Choice acrylic...

Making a Halloween Necklace

Usually Halloween comes and goes without much fanfare around my house. Though I love the combo black and orange colors, I prefer to look rather than make. "Usually."This year I decided to make a...

Going For The Western Look..

Hot off my craft board!! My latest macrame creations. Belt and earrings made from 3 1/2mm braided cord. Silver beads accent the belt and silver ribbon crimps hold the earrings together.

Fiesta Set: 2 Bowls & 8 Coasters

More coiled fabric bowls inspired by the post here on Craft Stylish.

How to Macrame a Belt

Want to learn how to macrame? My tutorial will teach you the basic knots and get you started. Go here for the complete tutorial with illustrations. In no time, you will be wearing this...

Barbie Bags Made From Coiled Fabric

Inspired by the fabric bowl found here at Craft Stylish, I have been experimenting and coming up with lots of ideas for coiled fabric. Here are two handbags I created using blue, pink and yellow...

Found a Better Way to Make Crochet Balls

Being a new crocheter (less than a year) hasn't stopped me from changing up a pattern and going off on my own. Especially if I think there is a better or easier way to do something.  As was the...

Macrame Cell Phone/iPOD Bags

Just a few of the many macrame purses, handbags, cell phone bags available in my Etsy Shop, Just Knots. You can also find other macrame items on my...

New Fall Purses: Long Live Macrame!!

Tying macrame knots is something I find relaxing. I have been at it since the late 80's. When others put away their macrame cord, I was searching for suppliers still selling it. I have made numerous...

Putting My Own Spin On Fabric Bowls

These fabric bowls are addicting. This is my 4th bowl and I have about finished the 5th. I am trying to make them different and change up how I finish off the coil. For this bowl, I used Marbella D...

Christmas in July: How to Macrame a Candle

How To Macrame a CandleSupplies Needed to Make One Candle:     2" welded ring      4" welded ring      28 yards red 6mm cord    14 yards green...

How To Recycle Crystal Light Containers

Off and on, for years I have been saving plastic Crystal Light containers. I would get an idea, make one or two, toss the rest.  Then start the cycle over every few years.There are many uses for...

My 2nd Fabric Bowl

After seeing this fabric bowl here at Craft Stylish, I decided to make one. My 1st attempt came out HUGE. This is the 2nd one. It is still larger than the one posted here but I like it. Instead of...

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Re: Animal Print Fleece Jacket

That is really cute!!

Re: Christmas in July: How to Macrame a Candle

OMG!! Sorry I missed you. Haven't been here in awhile. I don't have your number. Hope you are well. You can reach me at my blog 24/7.

Re: Fiesta Set: 2 Bowls & 8 Coasters

Thank you!!

Re: New Fall Purses: Long Live Macrame!!

Thanks so much!!

I have a lot of purses listed on Etsy including the cell phone bags. The larger ones shown here need a lining. I hope to get them lined this week. You can see those listed at...

Thanks, again.


Re: Two Hour Tote

Very nice. Think I will try making one.

Re: My 2nd Fabric Bowl

Hi there. I didn't measure the macrame cord before starting so I can't tell you exactly. And I am making my bowls a bit larger than the one posted here at Craft Stylish. BUT... I am on my 3rd bowl and still have plenty of cord leftover. I bet I have enough to make 2 more bowls.

I got the cord at Munro Crafts.

Good idea on these for gifts. I plan to gift a few too.

Re: Sewn Birthday Card

I really like this idea. I am in a card exchange and was looking for something unique and different. Thanks!!

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

I LOVE this fabric bowl. Getting ready to start on the 3rd.