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Re: Sleepy Kitty

Finally, some sleep while that dumb chihuahua is outside..

Re: Playful Pup

Whaddaya mean, you don't want to throw it again?

Re: Tortoise Hiding

A little redundant, with the shell, but the daisy was a tasty touch.

Re: Puppy Papoose

Who says I'm too old for this? I'll never be too old for this!

Re: 2 Pugs in Hats

Arthur, you see what you got us into? I told you we should have stayed under the bed!

Re: Horsing Around

I get it, but it's not big enough for a saddle blanket!

Re: Doggies by a Window

Martha, get up here, I'm telling you that snooty Siamese next door is IN our driveway...

Re: Doggie Cardigan

I hope the guys at Dairyland track don't see this one, I have enough trouble with them at the dog park as it is...

Re: Pup in Garland

Okay, you're getting your picture, I'm still, now where's my rawhide?

Re: Dog in Ruffles

Don't make me go out like this, please, that bulldog next door will never let me live this one down...