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The Serging Salon

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

Make it Pink Eastern Star ACEO

Eastern Star...mixed media ACEO with bindis

Make it Pink BUNNYLAND

Bunnyland...mixed media collage on cardstock

Make it Pink..Portal series ACEO

from the Portal series ACEO

Make it Pink..Portal series ACEO

From the Portal series ...ACEO

Make It Pink Inchie ACEOs

2 Inchie ACEOS for the Make It Pink October project

Elena Mary

Catch Me if you Can: A Garden Fantasy...this assemblage brooch is composed of many vintage elements and truely sparkles.

Elena Mary

Keys to the House of Time is a small wall-hung assemblage made with many vintage elements.

Elena Mary

Sew Chic is a pendant made with a sewing machine part and various different metals..very striking!

Elena Mary

A charm bracelet of hand made charms with the theme of cats!

Elena Mary

A Dios de los Muertos mini-shrine for the up-coming political season

Elena Mary

SKULL BLOSSOM:  A Dios de los Muertos assemblage with a bone skull bead and 3 Turkish eye charms to ward away the 'evil eye".

Elena Mary

Frida Kahlo Doll Book

Elena Mary

Unique assemblage jewelry, books of handmade paper, Dia de los Muertos shrines, bracelets of handmade charms...just a few of my diverse creations!

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Re: The Flower Power Challenge

I just posted my entry titled SKULL BLOSSOM..new member here so hope I entered it correctly..