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Re: How to Make a Kitty Hat (for Humans)

Nice cat hat and a great way to use your old sweaters instead of throwing them in the rubbish bin.

I just had an idea. How about mouse gloves? They can definitely go with the cat hat. Too bad I'm only good with paper crafts, otherwise I would have made those mouse gloves by now.

Re: How to Make Singleton Buttons

These buttons are marvellous. My daughter has two old teddy bears which need some sewing up. I suppose I'll fix them and add some buttons like these. That will definitely give them a fresher look.

Re: How to Make an Apple-Print Tote Bag

Nice way of using apples to paint :D Anyway, this bag looks really good, I'll definitely show it to my girlfriend, she's keen on handmade stuff as well.

I want to ask if you can recommend a specific brand of fabric ink. There's so many brands out there, I just don't know what to choose.

Re: The "Times" They Are A-Changing: How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

This basket looks really awesome and the fact you have magazines inside it just answered a question I was going to ask. That being how durable is this basket actually. I personally have been reading newspaper online for years, but I must admit, this is a really good idea.