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Re: Book Giveaway: Woolly Woofers

It's apparent that this is the knit book I've been waiting for. I checked out the Amazon preview and the fisherman's style sweater is AMAZING! I'm sure my Westie would love to show it off. :)

Re: Win a Summer Dress/Romper Pattern by Melissa Watson

adorable! I would make the playsuit version and hope the summer lasts a while longer!

Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

I agree that the judges are crazy and usually make poor calls, but this time I was totally behind them with April's win. I think it would have been in better taste if it were a maxi dress, however. It seems like everyone loves Andy's design, but I think the accolades go to the textile designer for that amazing ombre, not Andy for the anything-but-innovative wrap skirt and frightening v-crotch monokini. Michael Drummond's look frightened me as well; it looked like he was going for a similar concept to April on top and then just gave up :(

I disagree with the judges (as usual) for sending Casanova home last night. He has deserved the boot before (how about the first episode's DISASTER?), but not last night! I think that if one of those pieces were done in a more vibrant colour, the judges wouldn't have thought it was as "matronly". Maybe they'll get Ivy next time around?

The next episode looks fantastic. "Jackie O would NOT have camel toe!" Tim Gunn is always so hilarious!