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Arm pincushion for (almost) free

I had some funny ideas about pincushions, made with "recycled" materials.   I wrote a small tutorial in my new DIY blog, please check the link below, or...

How to make charms and jewellery with old CDs and DVDs

Hi!   More than 10 years ago me and a friend developed this fun technique. I am not sure if anyone has posted it here, but I never saw it anywhere on the web. My photo tutorial was not very...

How to make an easy fabric brooch or hair grip

I have bought an interesting piece in our local craft store and had to find out how it was made!   Follow my little tutorial to see how you can make a very elegant flower with a bit of left...

make jewellery from old CDs

You will need: old CD or DVD with printed back side (your own homemade CDs wont work because the unprinted backing will peel off) old scissors stamps permanent stamp pad (StaZon) heat gun small hole...

flower tags

I couldn´t find the correct term for that, but in Germany we call it "Blumenstecker", what means flower plug.... Let´s call it a flower tag, ok? You will need: stamps permanent stamp pad...

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Re: How to Make Your Own Undies

you so made my day!!! I was close to bringing tons and tons of kids shirts to charity. Well, I still will bring them there, but I will keep a few and get new hotties :-)

Re: make jewellery from old CDs


If anyone finds some weird descriptions in my tutorials... feel free to comment. English is tricky for me, as german is for you ;-)
I can learn from mistakes, but I need to be AWARE of them :-)

Hugs, Baerbel