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Re: How to Transform Holiday Tins

Great idea. Since retiring I researched the best cost effective (cheapest!) hobby to busy myself with. I came up with découpage. I use a variety of paper napkins/serviettes, PVA glue, pictures from Google images, or scanned pix, wallpaper though very thick, had to sand the back to thinner density, a bit of a pain & very time consuming. My first project was a linen chest which I painter off white sanded, then découped with black & white wallpaper, finishing with @ 5 layers of pva to act as a finish/varnish sanding finely in between each coat. it doesn't 'yellow' with age. Since then I've used empty wine bottles. tins as here, also old food cans,which make great pen bits & bobs holders. For those who wish to take it to greater heights here's a link to US site: http://www.decoupage.org/ with a wonderful gallery of finished products. My personal favourites are magicked into being by UK Roy Larking whose exquisite work is mentioned.

Re: How to Make a Valentine from an Onion

thanks for this lovely idea! here's a recipe for dyeing http://www.naturalsuburbia.com/2012/04/natural-dyeing-with-onion-skins.html
here's template for a pretty box http://www.paperscrapz.screentastic.ca/box%20templates/stationary%20box%20pattern.pdf
I love the idea of celebrating one's love for oneself.I intend to do so from hereon in!