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craft interests: embroidery, home decorating, knitting, memory making, quilting, sewing, looming, weaving

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Re: How to Make a Woven Scrap Journal

another perfectly concise tutorial! you're amazing!!

Re: How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom

hi! i just joined specifically to pass on my gratitude for you sharing such an easy and concise tutorial!

i've been scouring the web for various tutorials for all different kinds of crafts for probably a decade and i think this is the best and most accessible one i've ever come across!!

just as another commenter praised you for, i also appreciate the back view of the loom. i was confused at first thinking the yarn had to be wrapped completely around the loom, which i knew sounded off to me.

i've wanted to try looming for so long, especially with the invention of instagram and seeing all the gorgeous and endlessly creative work displayed there, but accessing/building a wooden loom isn't feasible for me at the moment. but i do have some pizza boxes waiting to be recycled that i'm going to start disassembling (i'll be using the lids only) when i'm done typing my eternal thanks for your efforts to make and offer such a straight forward and easy going tutorial!

thank you so much!