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Ficklesticks fabric and wire jewelry

Five new pendant-style necklaces, peace signs, hearts, posies, keys and amoebas! All are bent, wrapped and twisted from Ficklesticks. Learn how from Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric...

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Re: How to Make a Floral Fascinator

I never heard the term 'fascinator'. I want to make some with ficklesticks!! Maybe a whole ficklewedding with a ficklesticks bouquet, bride and groom for the cake, flower petals for the flower girl..hmmm

Re: And the Winner of Crochet Adorned is...

LOVE THIS! Makes me realize that no necklace is too colorful or too big! Pure Gorgeousness Back to the drawing board with ficklesticks. Check out mine at or

Re: How to Crochet a Hanging Terrarium Planter

makes me remember my window doily-making days when I lived in Holland

Re: How to Make a Recycled Fabric Cuff

fabric jewelry is where it's at, baby! No metal allergies, no worrying about treatment of diamond miners, no great expense, washable, and best of all, we can make it ourselves, any kind of way we want! Check out or for some other fabric jewelry ideas