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Re: Book Giveaway: Animal Hats

This would just my cup of tea, sewing! And lot's of family in Oregon and the State of Washington that would wear them several months of the year! In fact, they would each need more than one hat, so I'm really hoping I win, just as much as all the other posted comments hope for :)

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroider Everything Workshop"

@Evamarie thanks for the heads ap and the lead to more prizefighter options. I love Craft Stylish and follow you on Pinterest!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroider Everything Workshop"

I too would love to win this book, it sounds too good to be true! Thank you for this opportunity.

Re: How to Decoupage a Tray

Hi Jeff, love the decopage, nothing is ever out of date!

Re: Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking

Now's the time to get ready for Christmas Crafts!

Re: How to Make a Garland with Punch

Wow, I'm truly impressed. It looks so much better with round rings, so much more graceful. Thank you for sharing!

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

I'm so glad to see such a fun book in the giveaway! I love using unique buttons for clothing, hats purses, skirts, canvas tote bags, I like mixing woods and metals as well as gem colors to bugs and flowers. So much to choose from now!

What's most enticing is the directions for make it yourself buttons. Another layer of heaven.

Thank you for the opportunity, freebrd06