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eat on the run--fused bag roll-up

fused plastic bags become a savvy green way to "eat on the run".

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Re: How to Patch a Hole with Crochet

this makes me very happy for all of the sweaters currently in my "to go" pile. they just got a reprieve.


Re: How to Create Elastic Shirring

is it really this easy?

i even have elastic thread from an ambitious spontaneous
purchase years ago.


i don't know if i have the sewing chops for this.


Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

holy crap these are cute.

i always feel like a soccer mom (no offense to soccer moms) when i whip out my boring sack. this is too cute.

thanks for the inspiration.

Re: How to Make Dangly Earrings with Magazine Pages

super cute.

i hope to apply this to napkin rings or something.
i love the idea of it.

Re: How to Make Papier Mache Bowls with Your Holiday Leftovers

super cute.

do you think if you just used tissue paper, you could make "wraps" for glass vases & have candlelight show thru???

Re: How to "Waste" Paper

do you think this could work as a lampshade?

Re: The Bag Bag

really like this.

did you weave the material? were the bags fused?

tell me more!!!