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5 Tips On Crafting Underwater Garden For Rookies

Or with other words - Aquascaping. Without a doubt one of the most thrilling forms of gardening there are. Aside for its stunning aesthetics it has a social aspect too – perfect for impressing your...

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Re: Book Giveaway: Woolly Woofers

@Knit1Pearl2 Interesting...story. I hope you are well.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Sweater for a Dog

This little fella looked so cold until he got dressed?

Re: How to Make a Felt Fish-Shaped Cat Toy

the cat seems so excited by the look on his face! Anyway, might try it, will share results. Keep the good work up!

Re: How to Make a Kitty Litter Rug

But how do you place it steady?

Re: How to Make a Pet Collar

It doesn't look nice in my opinion.

Re: Create Note Cards Starring Your Pet

I will try to make one for my niece.

Re: How to Make Pet Photo Magnets

Very cut and unique! now my refrigerator will look much better despite being empty.

Re: Don't Miss Your Chance to Enter the 2015 SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge

It is finally here! Too bad I won't be able to attend.

Re: How to Make a Pet Food Tray, Embellished with Duct Tape

hehe. Nice and simple.

Re: How to Make a Catnip Pillow and Blanket

My cat goes bonkers when I give her catnip, not even sure it's healthy for her lol. She once had foam coming out of her mouth and I never fed her catnip again.

Re: How to Make a Mouse Toy for Your Favorite Cat

I once made one of these and to my surprise my cat didn't even touch it and she's playful overall. I don't know, where did I go wrong?

Re: 29 Pet Projects to Make

It will take some time to browse them all. I have a cat I would like to make happy, she has a BD soon! Thanks.

Re: Hey, Punkin Head, Here's a Hat for You!

I just can't stop laughing at his face!!

Re: How to Make a (Very) Quick Table Runner for the Holidays

What's embarrassing is that I haven't came up with this idea on my own.

Re: 9 DIY Holiday Gift Projects to Try

Splendid results, for real!

Re: Top 9 Holiday Decor Projects

Tree seems so simple to make, yet a very interesting overall appearance, great idea again!

Re: How to Knit Everlasting Autumn Leaves: No Raking Required

Who gives you these ideas? Those are really impressive as design and yet simple. A product of a great creative mind! Great job!

Re: Feel Like Felting a Fish?

Perfect for your little children's school project on crafting! Great DIY guide.

Re: Free Knitting Pattern: How to Knit and Full a Short-row Textured Purse

Very stylish, I agree with @kingcole.

Re: Make a Quilted Bag and Tote Your Laptop in Style

Very explicit and detailed article, thanks. No one could read it and not understand it.

Re: Crumpled Up: How to Make Paper Flowers

I really like what you did with the edges of the petals!

Re: Make an Embellished Day of the Dead Collage

Where do you acquire the rhinestones from?

Re: How to Patch a Hole with Crochet

That's very very useful. It looks magnificent and no one would guess there was ever a whole there! Great!

Re: How to Make a One-Piece Reversible Sun Hat

I've actually thought of this one before. Now it's clear... Thanks for the great tutorial, my nephew will love this! :)

Re: How to Make Holly Holiday Cards

Usually not difficult to make Hollyday cards, but this article really shows another even more creative way! As always, what could one expect from craftstylish! :)

Re: Winner of the 2014 Dare to Make it: Holiday Contest is...

Simple yet impressive.

Re: Make a Quilted Bag and Tote Your Laptop in Style

The bag seems a little biggish...I can always resize it, though, it's just that I would not do it that way.

Re: How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

It doesn't look difficult at all and it seems really effective.

Re: The Claw: How to Make an Unusual Halloween Mask

A little bit too much efforts for me, personally, but it looks totally awesome.

Re: 4 Jewelry Tutorials by Diane Gilleland

These all suit my vintage wardrobe! Might as well try making them. Thanks!

Re: How to Make a Patchwork Laptop Case

Looks super cool and suits my style(I wear vintage clothes). Great, will try it!

Re: How to Decorate a Sugar Skull

haha, there's a traditional version of sugar skulls. Didn't know there were sugar skulls in the first place! Amazing! Fun read!

Re: Join Threads Magazine's Oscars Twitter Party

I might even join...

Re: Organize Your Beads with Beaded Labels

You can even tar what kind of bead there's in the box by gluing one of that kind in the side, so it can be easily noticeable when on the shelf or wherever. Thank you!