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Re: Wall to Wall Paper

Does anyone remember back in the sixties when we use to create christmas decorations with old magazines with the same process. We used old Readers Digest mainly. Created santa (Mr & Mrs) angels were just a few that I remember.

I love it when old ideas become new ideas. We love to recycle :)

Re: How to Keep Your Guy Warm in His Baseball Cap at a Football Game

I have a question? How do you get an exact copy of the download pattern that is available and how do you alter the pattern to fit different sizes of the hats bill? ( If it had not been for your pictures I would have had a difficult time drawing one.) I have made it and everyone loves the idea, but the brim band was too low ( set on the eyebrows) so I eliminated it. I have made it for some of my grandson's baseball team, but I'm not happy on how they fit because of the wide bills on their hats. Also with the sizes being small, medium and large how did you decide on the exact head measurement. I know this may sound like I don't have a clue on how tomalter a pattern, but I thought maybe you had encounter similar problems and what was your solution(s)

It's a great idea and I'm looking forward to you sharing your ideas.

Happy sewing and have a great day !


Thank you