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one of a kind upcycled pumps!

Take your decoupaging skills to another level by transforming a pair of thrift store heels into a one of a kind fashion statement! I used Modge Podge (available at most craft stores) with a clear...

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Re: Project Runway Season 7 Premiere

I'm excited for this season too! although I disagreed with the judges on the winner. Emilio's manipulated fabric dress looked to me like rows of stickers. For all his efforts to display his techniques, it lost lustre for me. My money was on Seth Aaron's little L.A.M.B. number with the ruffled hem and suspenders.

I'm taking the challenges along with the show this season and posting my creations on my blog... would love your comments!

Re: Project Runway Week 12 Recap

great write up - I totally agree that this season has had a lot less wow factor than previous seasons. I think the newspaper challenge was the most interesting so far. Maybe the finale will redeem itself!

Re: How to Make a Lace-Trimmed Silk Scarf

so simple yet so pretty! thanks for the tips...

Re: Make It: Lacy Headband

really cute!

Re: Project Runway Ep. 4 Recap

some of those designers must have incredible vision, because their sketches look NOTHING like the finished garment!

Re: How to Embellish a Basic Sweater with Two Stitches

so simple, but so elegant!

Re: How to Embroider a Basic T-shirt Dress

that's gorgeous!

Re: Project Runway Episode 6 Recap

love these recaps! it's great fun to break it all down and see the sketches with the finished garment photos. I think they were too hard on Louise... and Epperson should start doing western movie costumes! thanks!